Optimize Water Distribution

Reinke VRI Ad

 Whether for several crops in one field, rolling terrain, drainage issues, changing weather patterns or all of the above, Reinke variable rate irrigation lets you apply precise amounts of water for numerous field scenarios. Reinke also provides the capability of using multiple irrigation prescriptions for each field so you can adjust to changing water needs throughout the season. Bottom line, there's never been a better way to efficiently apply water and maximize every plant's potential with your irrigation equipment.

Protect Your Drive

Sprinkler Lube vs. Standard Gear Oil


Two of the root causes of gearbox problems are contamination and lack of lubrication. Using Sprinkler Lube 1200 greatly reduces these problems. Designed specifically for pivot wheel gears, this thixotropic lubricant is between 00 and 000 thickness. Sprinkler Lube 1200 has the innovative ability to thin down with movement but regains its original state 2 to 48 hours after motion stops. This lubricant also has the unique ability to form a barrier in cases of worn out seals. This serves two purposes; to keep the lubricant in and to keep moisture out. Replace your standard gear lube with Sprinkler lube during standard maintenance to increase the life of your systems components.

When Nature Strikes

Lockwood Pivot Wreck

 Mother nature is capable of disastrous things. When disaster strikes, every minute of down time decreases your yields. With our extensive knowledge and inventory, we can either repair or replace the damaged components and get your system running again in a timely manner. When time matters, you can count on us. 

Irrigation Equipment Services


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