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Nelson 3NV Ad

 The new multi-tasking 3NV Nozzle System
At the heart of the 3030 Series is the new 3NV Nozzle. Built with the precision accuracy of the 3TN, this innovative dial-nozzle combines multiple functions so you can “micro-manage” your system. The 3NV Nozzle System covers complete nozzle range, using the same numbering and flow rates as the 3TN Nozzle System. Adding this option to your new sprinkler package or retrofitting it to your existing system will add years of ease to your sprinkler package.

Pond Irrigation



The Riverscreen manufactured in Clay Center, Kansas is a rotating water-driven self-cleaning screen that dependably delivers good water from as little as 4 inches depth! The ideal solution for the operation depending upon river or canal water sources for pivot irrigation systems. RIVERSCREEN is built for shallow water pumping – prevents sand problems. Low maintenance operation. Standard on all Riverscreens is #8 304 stainless steel mesh. Other sizes available upon request.

Works great in livestock lagoons!


Canfield Turbi-Float

 Pumping water from surface water sources such as ponds, lakes, and lagoons can present unique challenges, which complicate or even prevent the installation of conventional pumping equipment.  If your application requires the flexibility of a floating pump with high efficiency and superior performance, the Turbi-Float System® is your proven Original Solution product choice.

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